Now accepting estimates for building maintenance projects

March 2022 – Building Maintenance Request for Quotes (RFQ)

The Germantown Public Library is looking for Companies and Independent Contractors! Now accepting quotes for a variety of building projects. This is a public document and may be forwarded and shared freely. We love using local businesses!

This list is for informational purposes only. Submission of a proposal or quote does not obligate the Library to perform work as stated. The Library may require additional information and processes to award bids based on Ohio law and purchasing requirements. Some projects will require bonding and/or insurance, and good standing enrollment with the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. Project timelines will be determined at the discretion of the Library. Germantown Public Library is an equal opportunity employer. First look at quotes / deadline is April 10, 2022. The library reserves the right to extend the deadline if insufficient quotations have been received. For more information, to set up an appointment to survey the property, or to submit a quote: Email: Greg Van Bebber or call 937-855-4001 x120. Re: Building Maintenance Projects. Mail: Greg Van Bebber, 51 N. Plum St. Germantown OH 45327

1. Concrete Slab Jacking / Repair – Approximately 15’x15’x15’ triangular concrete slab has sunk approximately 2-3’’ from initial set. Expected solution is to jack and fill. Slab is adjacent to building foundation.

2. Curb Repair – Approximately 20’ of concrete curb damage requiring replacement. Expected solution is removal and remolding of selected areas.

3. Parking Lot Top Coat Renovation / Crack Sealing – The library is looking for crack sealing of parking lot surfaces. Proposals for comprehensive top-coat solution may be explored. Parking lot is approximately 12,000 square feet 100’ x 120’. Likely over 250’ of seams that require work. Bidders are expected to survey the site.

4. Landscaping – The library is looking for a comprehensive landscaping solution to include shrub trimming, soil maintenance and removal, drainage improvements, and mulching. The library will prefer a project-based solution, but may consider a service plan at regular intervals. Bidders are expected to survey the property.

5. Tree Trimming Services – The library is looking for a tree trimming provider to service the property. Primarily aesthetic and walkway considerations. Some building overhang. Approximately 12 large trees and 8 smaller trees lining the sidewalks.

6. Raised Flowerbed – The library is looking for a flower bed builder to duplicate our current raised bed. Approximately 4’x25’ depending on area survey. 16’’ in height using 2x8s.

See attachment for pictures.