Magzter - e-magazine service

If you already know how it works,  click here to go Magzter and access magazines.

How to create a Magzter account

1)  follow one of the links on this page, or go to:

2)  click on "Create a Library User Account"

3)  Enter your name, email address and a password to create an account

4)  Select your country, and type in your state and city

5)  Under the "Library Name" drop down, select "Germantown Public Library". 

This will prompt you to enter a passcode, that code is:  gpl4001

Once entereed, click on "Authenticate Me" button.

6)  This will bring you back to the login screen with a message that you successfully created an account. 

You are now ready to login and checkout magazines. 

How to checkout a magazine

1)  Login to Magzter at

2)  Click on "My Library" from the list of options on the lefthand side of the page

This will show you a page of the titles currently available to library users. 

3)  Click "get it" from below the title you are interested in

You will recieve a message that the title was "successfully added to your collection"

4)  Click on the "My collection" tab at the top center of the page

5)  The current issue of the magazine of your choice is checked out and ready to read. 

If you want to read it from the web browser, click on "Read Now".  

You can also read these titles from the "My Collections" tab within Magzter's Android or IOS app.   


Click here to go Magzter and access magazines